1.  To support and promote Salsa and Latin music and dance  in Colorado.
2.  To organize and operate weekly educational sessions that allow the community to learn and participate in  Salsa and Latin dancing.
3.  To teach and perform Salsa/Latin dancing within the community (including regularly scheduled performances in area nursing homes, hospitals and at charitable events).
4.  To develop an educational program for public schools that teaches salsa and Latin dancing and culture.


Salsa Central Denver (SCD) was founded in 1996 by Malina Farias as a way to centralize Salsa information in the Denver metro area. Initially, SCD started as a simple monthly newsletter sent via email to members. Over the years, the newsletter became secondary to the club’s true vision of bringing Salsa and Latin dance to the Colorado community. Education became the key to this vision; educating dancers, continuing education for professionals and teachers, outreach programs, and public performances.

In 2005 Salsa Central Denver created a formal structure,  appointed a board of directors, created a business plan, and began work on a formal application for 501c3 status. It was at this point that SCD organized Colorado’s first weekly Salsa Social at the Denver Turnverein (home to several other dance clubs as well) and established annual events to cultivate the enthusiasm for Salsa dance throughout the Denver community.

Salsa Central Denver continues its mission by holding weekly dances focused on dance instruction and cultivating a community, organizing events to continue the enthusiasm for Salsa and Latin dance throughout the area, and  to encourage local dancers to better themselves– consequently improving dance quality and stimulating interest for Salsa  and Latin dance in Colorado. SCD’s staff is comprised entirely of volunteers that dedicate their time and energy simply for their love of dance.

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